Senior .Net technical lead/ Architect Available resume

  • Experienced .Net Technical Leadaround 12 years of experience with proven technical and leadership skills in gathering and documenting requirements, developing project plans, managing and tracking project execution, designing prototypes and assisting with usability testing, developing and executing test scenarios, releasing products to production, and maintaining product releases.
  • Working as Technical Leadwith over 6 years of experience in architecture of complex applications
  • Experience in Financial News Services industry with domain knowledge in content management (C and E) and HR Systems, virtual credit card processing system, and Payment systems.
  • Excellent working knowledge on SOA, WCF web serviceandWindows services.
  • Excellent working knowledge onRESTful services using ASP.NET Web API.
  • Excellent working knowledge on Payment systems. The project developed one the industry leader in communications.
  • Created C# libraries to provide interface with RFiD (Radio Frequency identification) devices in a manufacturing assembly process. This helps to control the movement of the device, read/write data to electronic tag and some other features.
  • Created C# core library to control the assembly process by using port programming. The library helps to communicate with different parts in laser assembly process.
  • Created library to parse scarped content from different sources and formatted XML format.
  • Created library which will process the XML data and generate the HTML controls based on configuration.
  • Created core library to sign XML documents with digital signature.
  • Created utility to change the relea...

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