SDET (Software Development/Design Engineer in Test) Available resume


  • Over 12 ½ years of experience (Close to 8yearsof SDET experience and 4½ years as a web developer)in Information Technology throughout the entire Software DevelopmentLife Cycle which includes Analysis, Design, Estimation, Development, Testing and Deploymentof Client/Server, Web based Internet/Intranet applications and desktop applications.
  • Good experience of coordinating with geographically dispersed teams, delegating the work and handling the teams.
  • Extensive Performance, Stress, Scalability, Capacity, functional, white box, securitytesting experience with strong Web Application Developmentexperience.
  • Extensive experience in troubleshooting Performance Issues, Memory leaks, Timeout issues and Deadlocks using ETW, Perfmon, Soap UI, CLR Profiler, Windbg, Debug Dialog, Xperf, Sql profiler, Fiddler, Load Runner, Http Watch, Splunk, Opnet and Visual Studio Test Tool.
  • Experience in determining theperformance bottlenecksof the servers by observingvariousperformance parameters likeTests/Sec, Request execution Time, Requests/Sec, SQL Dead Locks etc. and other parameters using Visual Studio, Load Runner, Premonitory and various other tools.
  • Experience working with different groups and projects including Office 365, Windows Phone Services, Zune (ZEST), Windows 8 Apps, MSN, ECO, MSIT and GFS (MSG)at Microsoft Corporation.
  • Extensive experience in development of web applications, Web Services, tools using ASP.NET Web forms, Azure, WCF, ASMX, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript.
  • Extensive experience inFunctional Automation, Performance Automationand UIautomation of the API’sandthe Web services, Web Applicationsusing C#,.NETFramework, VS Unit Testing Framework, WCF, TAEF(Test Authoring and Execution Framework), MsTest, VSTT, Visual Studio Coded UI(RNP), MitaSpy, KAF(Automation Framework), Selenium, Nunit and SQL Server.
  • Good command of various programming languages (C#, Java, VB.NET)and experience on best practices and idioms of these languages.
  • Experience with designing, developing test automation Framework and testing large scale service systems.
  • Ability to switch between different languages like (C#, VB.Net, Java)and Technologies.
  • Experience working with automated build, test and continuous integration systems and conducting code reviews.
  • Extensive experience designing and developing applications on Front End, Middle tier and Backend.
  • Good development experience in building cloud (Azure) applications.
  • Experience in developing Mobile web applications using Silver light.
  • Experience in writing & debugging SQL Server Stored Procedures, Triggers & SQL Scripts, Views, Indexes, Temp tables, SQL Job...

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