QA Manual Tester and Automation tester Available resume


Around 9yearsof diverse experience in the field of information technology with the emphasis on Quality Assurance,QA Methodologies,Test Driven Development,Business Requirements Analysis ,User Acceptance Testing(UAT),Frontend(UI) Testing, Back-end Testing(Database).

Extensive Experience in Testing Client/Server and Web Based applications

(Web Testing, WebServices Testing),CC/IVR(CTI),Siebel(CRM).Proficient in BlackBoxTesting(Manual , AutomationwithHP/Mercury Tools(QTP,WinRunner).Proficient in domains like Financial(Deloitte Tax Insight),Banking,Medicaid,Healthcare and Shipping,Mobile Testing.A motivated self-starter with exceptional Analytical(Mathematical Algorithms,Puzzles),Problem Solving,Communication and Interpersonal skills.Currently working as Senior QA Engineer and UAT Tester.

Specific Expertise:
  • Around 7 + Yearsextensive experiencein Manual Testing.
  • Did Unitand Integration Testingas part of Black Boxtesting.Involved effectively in theSoftware development life cycle(SDLC)right fromdevelopment through Various Testing phases.Involved in the preparation of TRM(Test Responsibility Matrix)whichis defined as mapping between Development stages and Test factors.
  • Involved in the development of RTM(RequirementsTraceability Matrix)for completeness and correctness .
  • Got the latest Business Requirement Docsfrom DOORSfrom the developers.
  • Review Requirements and Use Cases in DOORS.
  • Hands on experience on CTI(Computer Telephone Integration) and excellent knowledge on Mobile Testing with various Operating Systems like Android and Windows besides Openware.
  • Tested both On Premise and Software as a Service(Cloud) model.
  • Involved in various Testing phaseslike Test Policy,TestMethodologies,and Test Strategies etc.
  • Execute and wrote test documentation for Test Plan,Test Design and Test Strategy,Test Cases.
  • Wrote Test Cases based onBoundary value Analysis (BVA), Equivalence Class Partition (ECP), Static Testing,and dynamic testing.
  • Designed Planned Created and Executed Test Casesand madeTest Case Selection Review.
  • Executed Test Batchesor Test Suiteswhich are logically formed with the Test Cases.
  • Experience in different Testing methodologies likeFunctionaltesting, Regressiontesting,Unit,Integrationtesting,ExploratoryTesting, GUItesting,System Testing,Interface,User Acceptance testing(UAT),Installation,Compatibility andLoad testing.
  • Involved in the Requirements Meetings, Review Meetingscontinuously withdevelopersandusers and modifying the Test Casesaccordingly to test the new features developed in the application as per the user requirements as part of User Acceptance Testing(UAT).
  • Analyzing the Low Level Design (LLD’s)and High Level Design(HLD’s)documents as part of Testing.
  • WebTestinglike Sitemap Testing,Static Text TestingUsingAutomation Toolsas well asManually using I.E 8.0,NetScape Navigator.
  • Experience with Preparation of Test Plan,Test Case Suite,Defect Handling,User Meetings as part of Testing.
  • After completion of Final Regression cycles,concentrated on User Accepting testing(UAT)to correct feedback in two types of approaches such asAlpha Testing and Beta Testing.
  • Involved in the preparation of Documents like Test Harnessand Bug Reporting.
  • Extensive experience in Descriptive Programming in QTP using QTPScript and VBScript on the projects.
  • Worked with Hybrid Model Framework (Test Driven Development) or CSTAF (Customized Software Tes...

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