Aditya C/C++ developer Available resume

Aditya Chhilwar

Mobile: ***

Email: [CONTACT]

DOB: October 2, 1985

Place: Noida, UP, India

Work Permit : Canada PR


Looking towards a challenging future in a growth oriented and a reputed organization, which not only utilizes my experience, but also develops it, broaden my perspective and allows working on new and exciting technologies and challenges.


  • MCA (Masters of Computer Applications) with 9 years of experience in EDA Application Development, OpenStack Development and Telecommunication (LTE) product development using C/C++ over Linux. Currently, working as Lead Software Engineer with Cadence Design Systems since April 2016.
  • Strong knowledge of data structures and algorithms.
  • Strong knowledge of Linux System Calls, IPC and Networking Protocols.
  • Strong experience in C/C++ development and working knowledge of C++11.
  • Working knowledge of Object oriented concepts and Design Patterns.
  • Hands on experience with Service Oriented Architecture and Microservices.
  • Experience in working multicultural teams spreading across the globe (including USA, Japan, Europe).


(Beginner B, Intermediate I, Advanced A, Expert E)

Programming Languages: C[A], C++[A], Core Java[I], Shell Scripting[B]

Concepts: Multithreading[A], IPC[A], Machine Learning[B]

Databases: MySQL[I]

Platforms/OS: Linux[A], Windows[B]

Editors/IDE: GVim[A], Eclipse[I], Source Insight[A]

Cloud: AWS [I] (S3)

Protocols: LTE-ENAS[A], LTE-GTPv2[A]

Software Dev Process: SDLC[A], Agile[B]

Debugging Tools: GDB[E], DDD[I]

Configuration Management Tools: Perforce[E], SVN[A], CVS[I], Clearcase[A], GIT[I]

Other Tools: Apache ActiveMQ[I], Wireshark[A], JIRA[A], GCOV[A], Valgrind[A], Helgrind[A], Callgrind[I]


Cadence Design Systems, Noida, India (April *** Present)

-Working as Lead Software Engineer in R&D team for Virtuoso.

-Produced design documents, code and actively contributing in resolving production bugs, testing and delivering to a sizable customer base that enables me to understand different perspective in terms of features and enhancements of the project.

-Parallelly working in two projects Catena and ABE and delivering well on both with high quality deliverables. Handling the ABE (customer project) end-to-end alone.

-Working in a global team spread across San Jose and Noida. I groomed here to adjust with the frequent conferences and calls in different time-zones.

-Directly reporting to the Software Engineering Director in San Jose, USA.

Team Size: 10

Skill Upgrade: Perforce, C++11, Design Patterns, STL, OpenAccess, GDB, Helgrind, Callgrind, Coverity, Parasoft

NEC Technologies, Noida, India (J...

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