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Experience Summary:

  • Around 14 years of experience in Microsoft Technologies Web development using ASP.NET, C# , JQuery, Java script, angularJS, AJAX, XML, Web Services (asmx), IIS, CSS, MVC, WCF, Entity Framework, Enterprise Library, Razor View, SQL Server *** 2012, XMAL, NuGet, Unity and Ninject, CSS

  • Strong knowledge of Web Services Architecture (.Net based XML web services exposing backend database/storage components) and RESTful application architecture utilizing .Net WCF platform (creating data driven service and operations contract and consuming through Ajax invocation, JSON serialization etc.)

  • Strong knowledge of Microsoft T-SQL and Oracle's PL/SQL , schema construction and data manipulation techniques (i.e. various flavors of joins, Sub queries, Common Table Expressions, Table Value Functions, Pivoting, Programmable objects, Cursors StoreProcs and Triggers etc.)

  • Strong architecture knowledge of database object modeling utilizing Linq, database component construct utilizing ADO.Net and data manipulation and transformation utilizing various flavors of .Net technologies (Linq to XML and vice versa, Linq to Sql/Object, Linq/ADO.NET to Entity Framework etc.)

  • Strong knowledge of MVC framework, 1) rapid MVC data access layer deployment with Entity Framework Code First approach utilizing both LINQ and Lambda expression, seed data population etc.2)Route creation and route data manipulation techniques, 3)utilizing AJAX and JQuery features to create better throughput and cleaner code infrastructure compared to typical ASP.Net page code base.

  • Experience with Restf...

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