IA - Univ of IA - DS2 Job requirement

JOB ID: IA - Univ of IA - DS2Interview: Phone or in-person. Note: Local candidates or candidates in themid-West strongly preferred.Location: Iowa City, IADuration: 3 months +Years of relevant experience: 6 plus months.Description:Project will involve installs at the Children's Hospital. Position Type 1: Install team for Children's HospitalInstall equipment for the new UIHC Children's Hospital before the end ofOctober. Resource will need a technical background but will report to alead. Install instructions will be provided - Desktops, laptops, printers,AV equipment, and other peripheral medical devices. Basic troubleshootingrequired, complex issues will be escalated to a lead.Duties:Hardware installation of desktop workstations and laptops in a largeEnterprise Domain environment.Image new Dell/Cybernet workstation with Windows 7 64-Bit Professional viaSCCM OSDA/V system testing.Migration of user profile dataCable Management.Software deployment via SCCM packages and manual install.Deliver consistent IT service to our end users.End user onsite training for new operating system and software.Details tracked in IT ticketing system for billing and documentationpurposes.Requirements:Windows 7.Microsoft Office Suite *** years of desktop support experience.Able to lift equipment.Preferences:Health Care IT Experience.Excellent communication skills (oral and written).Skype for Business ExperienceA/V setup/configuration Experience.Parking is available to the consultant but the lot does require them to takea shuttle. Depending on work location, the consultant may need to plan on *** minutes from parking lot to the work location. Questions:Question: The Contractor must report any disciplinary action, misdemeanor orfelony convictions to the State for any temporary IT staff provided. Do youagree to this requirement?Question: Absences greater than two weeks MUST be approved by CAI Managementin advance, and contact information must be provided to CAI so that aresource can be reached during his or her absence. The client has the rightto dismiss the resource if she or he does not return to work by the agreedupon date. Do you accept this requirement?Question: This requirement falls under the e-RTR process. The candidateMUST submit their Right to Represent electronically following the process tobe considered. Do you accept this requirement?

Question: Please list candidate's email address HERE that will be used whensubmitting E-RTR.Question: Parking is available to the consultant but the lot does requirethem to take a shuttle. Depending on work location, the consultant may needto plan on *** minutes from parking lot to the work location. Do youaccept this requirement?

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