Oracle Database Developer/Pgmr. 3 Job requirement

JOB ID: Oracle Database Developer/Pgmr. 3Interview: Webcam or in-person.Duration: 12 months with good possibility of extension.Location: Lansing, MINumber of positions: 1

Description:need of an Oracle Database Developer. They are currently working with Oracle 11g.Description below - but here are some additional items from the manager:• Will be working as a team and likely leading the team• Highly complex data conversion of legacy systems to a new ERP• Complex business rules that are fluid and can change• Mission critical project• High pressure• Must be well organized and can work with Project Managers.• The knowledge and use of Talend Software and Oracle PL SQL Tools is a in need of an Oracle Database Developer. They are currently working with Oracle 11g. This position requires a concentration in database design, data transformation, writing geospatial queries, physical database modifications, writing stored procedures and other duties related duties.Responsibilities in this role include, but are not limited to, developing conceptual, logical and physical data models (using data modeling software) including the facilitation of modeling sessions. They will be writing complex SQL statements including spatial queries using Oracle’s SDO_Geometry data type. They will be using Data Definition Language (DDL) and Data Manipulation Language (DML) to physically change the database. The resource will be performing the function of extract-transform-load (ETL) using automated tools and will be using Oracle system utilities and DBMS packages to minimally generate dynamic SQL. The resource will also be writing database stored procedures and functions using PL/SQL.Establishes physical data base parameters. Codes data base descriptions and specifies identifiers of database to data base management system or directs others in coding data base descriptions. Specifies user access level for each segment of one or more data items, such as insert, replace, retrieve, or delete data. Specifies which users can access data bases and what data can be accessed by user. Tests and corrects errors, and refines changes to data base. Enters code to create production data base. Selects and enters codes of utility program to monitor data base performance, such as distribution of records and amount of available memory. Directs programmers and analysts to make changes to data base management system. Reviews and corrects programs. Answers user questions. Confers with coworkers to determine impact of data base changes on other systems and staff cost for making changes to data base. Modifies data base programs to increase processing performance, referred to as performance tuning. Workers typically specialize in one or more types of data base management systems. May train users.Questions:Question: Absences greater than two weeks MUST be approved by CAI management in advance, and contact information must be provided to CAI so that the resource can be reached during his or her absence. The Client has the right to dismiss the resource if he or she does not return to work by the agreed upon date. Do you accept this requirement?Question: Please list candidate's email address that will be used when submitting E-RTR.Question: Work location is downtown Lansing. Candidates must have reliable transportation and any mileage, parking, or other travel-related expenses will not be reimbursed by CAI or State of Michigan. Please confirm you have discussed this with your candidate and he/she accepts this requirement.Question: The client plans to schedule interviews for the week of *** Please confirm your candidate will be available to interview during that time if selected.Question: Please include a paragraph re: candidate's availability, location, applicable skills, and other pertinent information in the Summary of Qualifications tab, when submitting.Question: As this position is mission critical and will function under a timetable - please include which former projects your candidate has completed that were under similar circumstances. This is a highly visible position with fluid/potentially changing requirements; and we will inquire about these projects during qualification. Thank you.

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