Emerging TEST3 Job requirement

JOB ID: Emerging TEST3

Location: Harrisburg, PA

Duration:12 Months + extensions.

Deadline for submittals: Friday 10/21.

Number of positions: 1

Interview: This requisition will require onsite in-person first round interviews.

Note:Local candidates or candidates in the Harrisburg, PA region strongly preferred.

Years of relevant experience: 4plus years.


Tester 3 (TEST *** plus years relevant experience in an agile testing environment; 3 years iOS mobile experience; excellent written and verbal communication skills a must have.

**This requisition requires onsite in-person first round interviews only.**

**Client would prefer candidates local to the Harrisburg, PA Metro Area.***

**This requisition requires onsite in-person first round interviews only.**

The Tester is a member of a team which plans, constructs, and executes product tests, system tests, unit tests, load tests, volume tests, network tests as well as works with others for release control processes. The more experienced Tester manages, plans, constructs, and executes tests and integrates with release control process.

Role Description:

• Reviews and understands the Test Team work plan.

• Assists in managing and directing Test Team processes.

• Anticipates, identifies, tracks, and resolves issues and risks affecting own work and work of the Test and/or Application Te...

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