Tableau Visualization Expert/UX Designer Job requirement

Role:Tableau Visualization Expert/UX Designer

Work Location:Charlotte, NC

Number of Openings:1

Duration: 4-6 months

Years of Experience: 7-10 years

Job Description

Data Visualization Specialists should assist the Enterprise Business Intelligence (EBI) Organization in seamlessly merging qualitative stories with quantitative data to create human-centered insights that inspire and inform business strategy. The specialist will need to consider the use of data in the organization, appreciate the diversity that it represents, and understand how people instinctively interpret numbers and pictures to help create visualizations of improved clarity, utility and persuasiveness. The ideal candidate will have a deep background in the science of data visualization, prototyping and building interactive data experiences. The Data Visualization Specialist will help design and implement “Data Storytelling” or visual narrative guidelines and best practices to ensure reports incorporate data, analytics and visuals that tell clear, concise stories that can be intuitively interpreted. ...

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