Wireless Voice Field Technician Job requirement

Wireless Voice Field Technician

Job Location: Washington, DC

INTERVIEW: Must do a face to face interview.

Duration: Long term. At least 6 to 12 months+

Complete Description:

"This position includes the capability to design and the construction of wireless infrastructure in various forms, from broadband wireless connectivity for District workers, residents and visitors to the enhancement of mobile computing and wireless enabled applications. Other design, development and deployment of wireless infrastructure included in this project includes WIFI and other wireless technologies to provide Internet access to underserved populations in order to bridge the digital divide; and point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and mobile wireless connectivity to support public safety and other District government users.

Wireless Field Technician is responsible for creating citywide new design and construction of wireless infrastructure in multi-faceted forms, with a focus on broadband wireless connectivity for outdoors and public safety.

Wireless Field Technician will be responsible for new citywide deployments – Scope of services will include but not limited to working on outdoor wireless to support public safety and public broadband access, starting with the underserved WARDS.

- Conducting comparative outdoor wireless hardware evaluation and analyses associated with the following selection criteria’s - Degree of throughput; Coverage density; Equipment reliability; Ease of installation; Maintenance history, both preventative and corrective; Power consumption; Document results in Excel format and pr...

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