IT Consultant 7 Job requirement

Title/Role: IT Consultant 7

Job Location:Washington, DC

No of positions: 1

Last date to submit: ***

Complete Description:

The desired Enterprise will develop solutions that bring together various technologies, standards, processes, tools, and services into a stable and effective technology platform aligned with our strategic direction and mission requirements. The selected EA will also work directly with DOES senior leaders and pursuit stakeholders to ensure that the proposed solutions are aligned with the DOES capture strategy, relevant industry best practices and trends, and fit within the desired DOES business model.

  • Documentation of current solution/services architectures (business services provided and technologies employed in delivering the services), including an assessment of business value, technical risk, service cost, and organizational alignment.

  • Design of a future state architecture that includes business services to be provided, technologies to be employed in delivering those services, a projection of business value, reduce...

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