GIC Programmer Job requirement

JOB ID: GIC Programmer *** ).

Years of Relevant Experience: 5 years+

Interview:In-person only

Note: Prefer candidates local to the region.

Duration: through *** with good possibility of extension.

Visa status: Open

Job Description:

The Programmer is responsible for working within a multidisciplinary team to develop, produce and maintain web sites and web applications in support of the GIC mission of enhancing communications between Delawareans and their government.

The Delaware Government Information Center connects citizens to their government. We create websites that are user centered, designed beautifully, and help people find what they need. We continuously improve our processes, services, and ourselves to make website experiences better for users. Our clients are state agencies and municipalities. We also control and maintain and other statewide features.

We are seeking a programmer with at least 5 years experience in front-end design and backend development to build user-centered websites for our clients (and ourselves).

The ideal candidate has a passion for research, data and analytics, and end users.

You will be working as part of a team of talented and dedicated people. Team collaboration is a must.


• This role will handle diverse and challenging problem sets – with the ultimate goal of improving end-user experience.

• Support our multisite WordPress environments in partnership with our team. Research WordPress updates, future additions, and navigate through upgrades. Develop cus...

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