Sr. Technical Prog. Mgr. Job requirement

JOB ID: Sr. Technical Prog. Mgr *** ).

Rate may vary depending on candidate preference for either w-2 (benefits or no benefits) or must have a ‘LLC’ –limited liability corporation.

Location: Washington, DC

Years of experience: 16 + years’ experience.

Duration: *** +

Number of positions: 1

Interviews: In-person only.

Job Description:

16+ years of IT experience. The Senior Technical Program Manager (STPM) will oversee the management of an effort to provide the Office of Risk Management with an Enterprise Risk Management System utilizing existing and planned systems and integrations.

The Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO) Application Development and Operations program in conjunction with the Office of Risk Management (ORM) require a Senior Technical Program Manager (STPM) to be the technical liaison for OCTO and ORM. The Office of Risk Management requires planning, development and implementation of an Enterprise Risk Management System (ERMS) to include programs supporting Public Sector Workers Compensation, Risk Prevention and Safety, Tort Liability and Insurance Management. OCTO Application Development and Operations provides project management and development solutions to include the management of complex IT projects, product integrations, vendor management, software quality assurance and liaison services with supporting OCTO programs.

The STPM will oversee the management of the OCTO and ORM projects under the umbrella of the ERMS. This includes integrations with enterprise products such as PeopleSoft, Data Services such as the Master Address Repository, payment and vendor management systems such as PASS and SOAR and management of third party development and implementation teams from vendors such as Origami Risk Management. The successful candidate will...

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