IT Consultant (UAT & Training) Master Job requirement

Job ID:IT Consultant (UAT & Training) Master *** ).

Rate may vary depending on candidate preference for either w-2 (benefits or no benefits) or must have a ‘LLC’ –limited liability corporation.

Location: Washington, DC

Years of experience: 16+ years’ experience.

Duration: *** +

Number of positions: 1

Interviews: In-person.

Job Description:

16+ years of experience. Coordinates IT project management, engineering, maintenance, QA, and risk management.

A Senior IT Consultant with 16+ years of experience delivering timely IT business products in a fast-paced environment and experience in leading UAT team in coordination with IT Development Teams.

This position is housed under the Department of Human Services (DHS) supporting the implementation of the TANF 2.0 CATCH Redesign, TCA & other related projects.

The department is looking for an IT Consultant with a background in overall IT project management, including: oversight of requirements development, scope management, end-to-end user acceptance testing, and timely business product delivery with an emphasis on Agile, behavior-driven development.

This role requires the contractor to coordinate with DHS IT director and business owners to oversee detailed implementation of the TANF 2.0 CATCH Redesign, TCA & other related projects; coordinating development, data conversion, testing, training, deployment, and coaching DHS user-groups. The candidate will manage the project schedule, resource planning, RAID log, and business reporting. The contractor will also consult with both a Quality Assurance Specialist/UAT Lead and Training Specialist to successfully lead system go-live.

Must have experience with Agile, behavior-driven development methods as well as a strong track record of timely project delivery.

The successful candidates will demonstrate the following knowledge, skills, characteristics, experiences and/or abilities:

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