Linux Hadoop Administrator - SME3 Job requirement

Linux Hadoop Administrator - SME3

Linux Administrator with Hadoop Administration experience in Baltimore, MD. Key responsibilities may include the following:

•Design and implement data storage, schema and partition system as appropriate to Hadoop.

•Identify, assess, and recommend appropriate solutions to advice customer on cluster requirements and any limitations by applying industry best-practices and expertise regarding emerging technologies, risk mitigation, and continuity planning to address back-up and recovery.

•Provide enterprise-level information technology recommendations and solutions in support of customer requirements.

•Securely integrating Kerberos accounts with Active Directory.

•Utilizing Identity Management in integrated manner with Active Directory.

•Configuring Cloudera Navigator to perform audit operations.

•Configuring Apache Sentry to work in Cloudera environment to perform authorization operations.

•Configuring encryption on Hadoop data at rest and data in transit.


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