Automic (UC4 Sched) Sr. Tech Anal Job requirement

JOB ID: Automic (UC4 Sched) Sr. Tech Anal *** ).

Rate may vary depending on candidate preference for either w-2 (benefits or no benefits) or must have a ‘LLC’ –limited liability corporation.

Location: Washington, DC

Years of experience: 16 + years’ experience.

Duration: *** +

Number of positions:1

Interviews: In-person.

Job Description:

The Automic (UC4) System Administrator (SA) is responsible for effective provisioning, installation/configuration, operation, and maintenance of computer hardware and software and related infrastructure. SHIFT: Three 12 hour days each week 7 pm to 7 am.


1. The UC4 System Administrator (SA) is responsible for batch application scheduling, monitoring and troubleshooting. Responsibilities include supporting daily batch processing activities, working with other project related cross funcsion teams and coordinating activities with all agency technical support teams. Must be proficient in following application processing workflows and troubleshooting for mainframe and open system platforms.

2. Participates in technical research and development to enable continuing innovation within the infrastructure.

3. Ensures that system hardware, operating systems, software systems, and related procedures adhere to District policies, standards, and guidelines.

4. Systems administration engineering and provisioning, operations and support, maintenance and research and development to ensure continual innovation.

5. Installs new / rebuild existing servers and configures hardware, peripherals, services, settings, directories, storage in accordance with standards and project/operational requirements.


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