Emerging MS2 Job requirement

JOB ID:Emerging MS *** ).

Note: New eRTR form attached for PA.

Rate may vary depending on candidate preference for either w-2 (benefits or

no benefits) or must have a 'LLC' -limited liability corporation.

Location:Harrisburg, PA

Number of positions:1

Interview:Initial Skype interview and if selected for next round, an

in-person will be required. Note: The Hiring Manager requires an

in-person interview and eventual relocation to Harrisburg. The candidate can

be elsewhere during the application process.

****Candidates must be willing to travel for an in-person interview and

relocate if selected.***

Duration: *** + extensions.

Years of relevant experience:8 plus years.

Job Description:

The selected candidate will serve as an Architect for the PennDOT's Mobile

Computing team. In addition to being resourceful on both the device and

server, the candidate must demonstrate discipline, leadership, organization,

and risk management skills.

This is a brand new req. Please do not resubmit candidates from previously

released req #s *** , *** , *** , *** , *** , and *** .

The selected candidate will serve as an Architect for iOS Mobile Computing

solutions for PennDOT. The selected candidate will architect end-to-end

solutions for iOS-based mobile products to be utilized by PennDOT and its

third party contractors. The projects will involve native iOS development,

security best practices, data model design, and web service-oriented

client/server backend solutioning. The selected candidate is expected to

understand the business and technical requirements, and in turn design and

implement solutions that are easy to maintain and incorporate/produce

reusable components. The selected candidate is expected to be proficient in

problem identification and resolution, especially in production

environments, for both the device and server side implementations. The

selected candidate should be most versant with Apple technologies and their

associated idiosyncrasies, but must also have working knowledge of the

server side code and technologies. The selected candidate must be

disciplined, organized, accountable, communicate clearly, exhibit leadership

skills, and effectively manage product owner expectations.

Specific Duties:

1) Serve as an architect of n-tier applications using iOS as

access technology for enterprise backend systems.

2) &n...

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