Emerging MS1 Job requirement

JOB ID: Emerging MS *** ).

Location:Harrisburg, PA

Numberof positions: 1

Interview:Skype interview initially and if selected, an in-person will be required.

Note:Local candidates or candidates in the Harrisburg, PA region strongly preferred.

****Candidates must be willing to travel for an in-person interview and relocate if selected.***

Duration: *** + extensions.Years of relevant experience: 5plus years.Visa:Open


The selected candidate will serve as a senior mobile application iOS developer for the PennDOT’ s Mobile Computing team.

***This requisition should feature an initial Skype screen with the manager and if that goes well, then an onsite in-person interview will follow.***

***The Hiring Manager requires an in-person interview and eventual relocation to Harrisburg. The candidate can be elsewhere during the application.***

This is a brand new req.

Do not re-submit candidates from #s *** , *** , *** , *** , *** , and *** .

Long Description

The selected candidate will serve as a programmer/developer for iOS Mobile Computing solutions for PennDOT. The candidate will serve as a software developer for the mobile projects to develop and deploy comprehensive custom software solutions for the iOS-based mobile devices to be utilized by PennDOT while assisting with mentoring PennDOT staff assigned to the projects. The projects will involve working with the iOS mobile development tools, relational databases, and web service-oriented client/server architecture. The selected candidate is expected to understand the business and technical requirements, implement the solutions based on those requirements, and respond quickly to the changes made to these requirements as part of the Agile process. The selected candidate should be quick at learning newer versions of the SDKs, as they are made available by Apple.

Specific Duties:

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